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Pisces P100 Miner

Troubleshooting the Pisces Helium Hotspot

Note: The script takes a little time to install, several minutes, so be patient and this isn’t what you want to hear, but patience is a superpower when it comes to Helium mining with the Pisces P100 Miner. If you have your hotspot plugged into power and an ethernet cable (NOT on WiFi), your next best step to earn maximum HNT is probably to go fishing for a week. That’s not the way most of us are used to solving problems, but if you’ve got a production hotspot and you haven’t changed anything, there’s not a whole lot to do.

Pisces P100 miner for sale

Next, about the only thing you can do is open up the port on your router that makes sure your
hotspot can talk to the Helium Network. That port is 44158. There are a few thousand pages
on the internet at this point devoted to telling you how to open port 44158 for your Hotspot.

Again, if you contact our email with your issues is probably the single most useful thing you can use.

for this reason, at the end of the day, your “job” as a Helium deployer is to
take care of what’s in your control. Keep your Hotspot connected to power & internet by cables (do NOT use WiFi). Get the antenna high, use a thick enough antenna cable to limit loss, and make
sure your antenna is providing WUPU (wide, unique, provable, and useful) coverage. That’s how you’ll earn the most. This space isn’t complicated, it’s just hard.

How Much HNT Will My Pisces P100 Miner Earn me?

In conclusion, one of the most frequently asked questions about the Pisces P100 Miner is: “How much will I earn?” Here’s how to get to a reasonably accurate prediction for your location. We’ll start with numbers, likewise, do some more numbers, do a little educated guessing, and end up with a conservative estimate of
how much a given spot will earn. The Global Average Starting at the top, the global daily average
for a Helium Hotspot that’s online is .091 HNT/day. How did I get that? Math.

Pisces P100 miner for sale – Pisces P100

What Does A Great Pisces miner which users helium Hotspot Look Like?

Seeing other deployments is one of the fastest ways to get great ideas (and avoid costly mistakes!)

I thought it’d be useful to the community to share a little more detail about some of the pictures we received from customers about their deployments. Here’s your chance to shine!

What hotspot are you using? What antenna? Are you happy with this deployment? What will you change next time? Any recommendations for others? The more info you can share, the more we’ll all learn and the better the network will get.

Antenna Mfr: eBay supplier
Antenna Gain: 4 dBi
Elevation (meters above ground): 11
Cable type used: LMR400, 20′
Mounting Deployment Notes: On top of commercial building, routinely goes offline & back on. Hotspot relayed but witnessing well. Locally overcrowded, need to move this one!

Pisces P100 profitability

More users of this miner wrote;

The biggest challenge was getting the antenna up in the 65ft tree. First, I used 50ft of 1 in conduit PVC, strung together, and shoved it up the tree. It probably took 300 times to get it in the position it is in now. It could be more to the left, but after 300 tries and one week later, it’s good enough. Next, we need to get the antenna on top. Using the 50ft of LMR600, I strapped about 100ft of 550 (parachute) cord to
an old N type connector, and using 1/2 underground watering plastic hose, pushed the LMR600 over the top, until it came down the side of the tree, to where I could reach it. ThirdIy, connected the antenna,
and using the 550 cord, pulled the LMR600 back down through the conduit, until the antenna
calmly rested at the top. This took about eight tries to accomplish.
The conduit decided to come barreling down the side of the tree most times, or the 550 cord
snapped because of the sharp edges on the connector.
Once the cable was back through the tube and the antenna was secure to the top, I cut the conduit and cable to length, installed the box in the tree,
and hooked everything up.
I have a 12v fan mounted on the cover, running off a 5v iPhone charger. Using discovery, I am hitting about 550 hotspots. So far, I am up to 170 on the explorer.

Pisces miner P100
Finally what we can say about the profitability of this miner is you can make on average
anywhere between $1 to $3 per day mining Helium (HNT), this of course depends on many different factors like the current price of Helium and location.
On average it is about 0.05 to 0.15 HNT per day so with current price of ~$21 this translates to about $1 to $3.

Pisces P100 miner for sale – Pisces P100

PISCES P100 Lora Outdoor Gateway Instruction Manual

Pisces’ products are made of high-quality materials and have been tested by professionals. Their products are designed for outdoor use and are easy to install. You can choose Pisces because they provide fast delivery and excellent service.

Pisces P100 is a high-performance 4D bi-fiberglass antenna. 

Pisces P100 miner for sale


  • Bluetooth 5.0,BLE. Ethernet Lan. GPS
  • Signal range: up to 10 miles
  • ECC608 crypto chip
  • Arm64 High computing power CPU
  • Support OTA, Dashboard
  • Ultra-low power consumption: 5W Support POE
  • SX1302. Tens of thousands of LoRaWAN end nodes

Labeled below;
A: Host
B: Lora antenna
E&F: Fixed components

Before assembling, please check whether the packing components are complete if there are any missing, please contact PIECES

Connect to the internet start your mining journey

Pisces P100 Miner

The professional operation and maintenance team
ensures the stability of the equipment. With a 4dBi Antenna The Pisces P100 is equipped with a high-
performance 4dBi fiberglass antenna. We fully consider the needs of users, ensuring high
performance while ensuring safety. OTA System User equipment management panel,
simple and easy to use. Remote operation and maintenance, Respond quickly to user
requests. High performance computing power Pisces P100 is equipped with 2-4G RAM,
64G ROM, ATECC608 and ARM64CPU, so the device has high performance computing

Pisces P100 miner for sale

Pisces p100 Miner review

Where to get a hotspot?
Pisces, one of the more popular choices for a miner, on the our website will cost you 530 USD. However, the current estimated shipping time is 3 weeks. An opportunity cost of ~$2000 USD.

Some Tips For Initial Setup

  • If possible connect the miner to the Internet via Ethernet. This will speed up the initial sync and keep any subsequent syncs quick.
  • Always attach an antenna to the device before powering it up. If your miner is powered up without an antenna it may damage it.
  • Be patient. I was excited, and probably you will be as well when you first set up your device. But to get your device in sync takes some time, so be patient and wait.

Pisces Miner Reddit

On our research on reddit, we found out some comments from Pisces Miner users here are few;
“I saw potential in Helium to have real world application, and for me to
make some profit while contributing.
I’m in the perfect spot where I was the only one in my square getting 1-2 helium a week, with frequent witnesses.
Mind you this is a spot I’ve held for the past year, so even after the crash I’m still doing
good all things considered.”
“Remember folks, “overshooting” other hotspots is a myth, but don’t use a high gain antenna where there are a lot of obstructions (trees, buildings)
because the narrow reception window will not pick up reflections off of other objects as well as a lower gain antenna.”

Pisces P100 miner for sale – Pisces P100

Pisces P100 miner for sale

What are the advantages of Pisces P100

Buy Pisces. This product is of high-quality materials tested by professionals and also designed for outdoor use and are easy to install. You can choose Pisces because they provide fast delivery and excellent service.

Pisces P100 is a high-performance 4D bi-fiberglass antenna. Users can easily manage the remote control of the antenna by using a simple and easy-to-use user equipment management panel. Users can also respond quickly to user requests by using remote operations and maintenance functions.

Pisces offers a wide range of antennas, including indoor/outdoor gateways, directional antennas, omnidirectional antennas, and patch antennas. They offer a variety of mounting options, such as wall mount, ceiling mount, pole mount, and tripod mount.
The company also provides professional installation services.

Buy Pisces P100 Online

Buy pisces p100 miner

Pisces Outdoor Antenna is an excellent product. Aluminum alloy shell makes it more durable and reliable. Professional installation and maintenance teams ensure the stability of the product. 

Some specifications of Pisces P100 miner

  • Antenna Type: Fiberglass Antenna
  • – Frequency Range: 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz (2.45 GHz ISM)
  • – Bandwidth: 1.5MHz
  • – Gain: 4dbi
  • – Polarization: Vertical
  • – Height Adjustment: 0~30mm
  • – Angle Adjustment: 15°~90°
  • – Weight: 5kg
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