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Nebra HNT Outdoor Hotspot Miner

Nebra HNT outdoor Hotspot Miner vs Rak review

Firstly lets talk about their Mining Performance ;
Keep in mind these hotspots are based around the same hardware, all using the Raspberry Pi
and all having to conform to whatever requirements imposed by Helium.
Therefore, even though the physical design is different, there should be no performance
difference between the original Helium Hotspot, the Nebra HNT Outdoor hotspot miner or the Rak. Secondly lets check out the design and build quality there is a bit difference in design and build quality. The Nebra HNT Outdoor hotspot miner is similar to the original Helium Hotspot, using an all-plastic case similar to a cheap router. When we first unpacked the Nebra HNT Outdoor hotspot miner hotspot, there was a worrying rattling from the hotspot. Detaching the lid revealed
it wasn’t too much of an issue.

Outdoor Helium miner setup
Now lets talk about the Set-Up
Set up is the same as the original Helium Hotspot, using the same Helium app. My original hotspot was set up using Ethernet, but currently, the Nebra HNT Outdoor hotspot miner I have is using WiFi, and I experienced
quite a few problems getting this working. It seems like it was a Bluetooth issue but I am not
sure if this is exclusive to setting it up with WiFi and/or a Nebra HNT Outdoor hotspot miner problem. Or it could be a common issue in general. The issue was that I would consistently receive an application error when setting it up.
After 15 mins of frustration, I found that Nebra HNT Outdoor hotspot miner highlighted this specific problem stating that
you should close down the app,
turn off Bluetooth and redo it. It took me a couple of attempts, and the app never confirmed
it worked it just said I had already added the hotspot.

Nebra Outdoor Hotspot Miner

So far, The general rule of thumb is that there should be 300 meters between two Hotspots in any direction. Inside 300 meters and your Hotspots will compete with each other for roles in PoC challenges,
too far outside 300 meters and your Hotspot won’t connect. until now, the only way to increase your
Helium Miner’s transmit scale is to move it to a location with almost no existing hotspots. On the
Helium Explorer, you’ll see that Miners in hexes with no neighbors usually have a transmit scale of 1.0.

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