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Pisces P100 Miner

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Pisces P100 Miner

The professional operation and maintenance team
ensures the stability of the equipment. With a 4dBi Antenna The Pisces P100 is equipped with a high-
performance 4dBi fiberglass antenna. We fully consider the needs of users, ensuring high
performance while ensuring safety. OTA System User equipment management panel,
simple and easy to use. Remote operation and maintenance, Respond quickly to user
requests. High performance computing power Pisces P100 is equipped with 2-4G RAM,
64G ROM, ATECC608 and ARM64CPU, so the device has high performance computing

Pisces P100 miner for sale

Pisces p100 Miner review

Where to get a hotspot?
Pisces, one of the more popular choices for a miner, on the our website will cost you 530 USD. However, the current estimated shipping time is 3 weeks. An opportunity cost of ~$2000 USD.

Some Tips For Initial Setup

  • If possible connect the miner to the Internet via Ethernet. This will speed up the initial sync and keep any subsequent syncs quick.
  • Always attach an antenna to the device before powering it up. If your miner is powered up without an antenna it may damage it.
  • Be patient. I was excited, and probably you will be as well when you first set up your device. But to get your device in sync takes some time, so be patient and wait.

Pisces Miner Reddit

On our research on reddit, we found out some comments from Pisces Miner users here are few;
“I saw potential in Helium to have real world application, and for me to
make some profit while contributing.
I’m in the perfect spot where I was the only one in my square getting 1-2 helium a week, with frequent witnesses.
Mind you this is a spot I’ve held for the past year, so even after the crash I’m still doing
good all things considered.”
“Remember folks, “overshooting” other hotspots is a myth, but don’t use a high gain antenna where there are a lot of obstructions (trees, buildings)
because the narrow reception window will not pick up reflections off of other objects as well as a lower gain antenna.”

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