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Pisces P100 Miner

Troubleshooting the Pisces Helium Hotspot

Note: The script takes a little time to install, several minutes, so be patient and this isn’t what you want to hear, but patience is a superpower when it comes to Helium mining with the Pisces P100 Miner. If you have your hotspot plugged into power and an ethernet cable (NOT on WiFi), your next best step to earn maximum HNT is probably to go fishing for a week. That’s not the way most of us are used to solving problems, but if you’ve got a production hotspot and you haven’t changed anything, there’s not a whole lot to do.

Pisces P100 miner for sale

Next, about the only thing you can do is open up the port on your router that makes sure your
hotspot can talk to the Helium Network. That port is 44158. There are a few thousand pages
on the internet at this point devoted to telling you how to open port 44158 for your Hotspot.

Again, if you contact our email with your issues is probably the single most useful thing you can use.

for this reason, at the end of the day, your “job” as a Helium deployer is to
take care of what’s in your control. Keep your Hotspot connected to power & internet by cables (do NOT use WiFi). Get the antenna high, use a thick enough antenna cable to limit loss, and make
sure your antenna is providing WUPU (wide, unique, provable, and useful) coverage. That’s how you’ll earn the most. This space isn’t complicated, it’s just hard.

How Much HNT Will My Pisces P100 Miner Earn me?

In conclusion, one of the most frequently asked questions about the Pisces P100 Miner is: “How much will I earn?” Here’s how to get to a reasonably accurate prediction for your location. We’ll start with numbers, likewise, do some more numbers, do a little educated guessing, and end up with a conservative estimate of
how much a given spot will earn. The Global Average Starting at the top, the global daily average
for a Helium Hotspot that’s online is .091 HNT/day. How did I get that? Math.

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